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“I am passionate about what I do. I treat all of my patients with compassion and respect.”

~Christopher Davis

It is time for us all to accept greater responsibility for our own health.

We live in a society where most of us are focused on reacting to symptoms as opposed to preventing them before they begin.

Our current system should be more aptly referred to as a “disease care” system. At Reveal Vitality, we replace this reactionary system with comprehensive genetic and metabolic testing that provides the blueprint for a personalized treatment and lifestyle plan. This provides the foundation for maintaining a vibrant, active, and productive lifestyle regardless of age.

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Finding the cure for unresolved symptoms may require a different approach than traditional testing and ten minute doctor visits.

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Advanced Therapies & Diagnostics

Advanced Therapies & Diagnostics

Advanced Science-Based Lifestyle Medicine Diagnostic & Therapy programs help our practitioners to precisely test and identify body imbalances and prevent cardiovascular disease. Our clients get personalized, natural treatment plans at our Sarasota office to optimize their wellbeing and reveal their vitality.

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Detoxification Program

Detoxification Program

Detoxification is at the heart of the body’s natural process of rendering chemicals, compounds, hormones, and toxicants less harmful. The organs of detoxification work efficiently as a whole to help you lose the body burden, preventing a toxic load of chemicals.

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Hormone Optimization

Natural Hormone Optimization

Hormonal imbalances can cause a host of serious health problems and diseases, including inflammation, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, sexual dysfunction, weight loss problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and more. Our testing and hormone replacement programs in Sarasota can help in preventing these conditions.

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Integrative Cardiology

Integrative Holistic Cardiovascular Care

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America and worldwide. Despite advancements in heart testing, medications, medical procedures, and surgeries the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors continue to rise. We help cardiovascular clients in Sarasota, FL and beyond lose the reactionary mindset with our natural heart disease prevention program.

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Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Therapy

Nutrient IV drips are a natural and safe way to prevent low-levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Testing shows that when taking your daily dose of vitamins orally, the body only absorbs about 30% of these nutrients and loses the other 70%.

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Many common chronic conditions and diseases have a primary nutritional and/or toxin imbalance as a root cause. These conditions can be prevented with testing and lifestyle programs. When our programs are incorporated, our clients experience natural weight loss and a significant recovery with a chronic health condition or disease.

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Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

Our doctors have created a natural wellness program that is tailored to fit your needs. Weight loss and preventing weight gain are some of the key benefits. The best thing about this personalized program is that you get long-term weight loss results without the use of drugs or fad diets. Why “weight”? Sign up for an initial consultation at our Sarasota office today!

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Paul C.

“After a long, high-pressured professional career and lifestyle in New York, I came to Sarasota to seek a fresh start. I was inactive, overweight and anxious. I wanted to start over on all fronts – exercise, nutrition and mental health. Reveal Vitality seemed to offer a much more comprehensive and attentive program of care, and they’ve delivered.”

Carmen L

Samantha S.

“I’ve never met a more thorough doctor who actually finds SOLUTIONS to your concerns instead of handing you a prescription and sending you on your way. I will continue to be a loyal client of Dr. Davis for many years to come.”

Joe R.

“Dr. Davis is not like any other practitioner I have worked with before. He identifies the root causes for our physical and emotional health issues, and teaches us how to implement natural strategies for long term healing. He does not just cover symptoms with “bandaid” scripts.”

Did you know that there is not one ideal diet for everyone?

Reveal Vitality uses your genetic and metabolic lab results to develop a personalized nutrition and weight optimization plan for life.

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50% of patients with heart disease have no traditional markers. Are you one?


Know your cardiovascular health with Reveal Vitality advanced cardiovascular assessment and noninvasive Heart Scan Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you imagine a healthcare experience where personalized care and ease of access are not just a fantasy, but a reality? Introducing the world of concierge functional medicine, a healthcare model that puts the power back in the patient’s hands.

Say goodbye to copays and deductibles and hello to straightforward membership fees, with no surprises. With concierge medicine, patients are able to receive the full attention they deserve. There are no unsettling constraints of mass patient volume, short appointment times, or insurance bureaucracy. Reimagine your healthcare journey and discover the increasingly popular realm of concierge functional medicine – where your well-being takes center stage.

In life, a proactive approach helps prevent problems and or provides solutions for problems before they present themself. With our health being one of the most important assets in our life, it only makes sense to take a proactive approach to improve and maintain it. At Reveal Vitality in Sarasota, we get to know our patients by seeing them through all the stages of life. This approach allows our team of medical professionals to provide recommendations based on your own body blueprint to optimize a longer, healthier life. Experience revolutionized healthcare and functional medicine at our practice. 

Our fundamental belief at Reveal Vitality is that there is an essential link between health consciousness and lifestyle practices. Individuals who recognize the importance of optimizing and maintaining their health will thrive in our integrative medicine programs in Sarasota. 

Learn more about our practice, or better yet, experience the Reveal Vitality difference today. 


Intro to Dr. Davis

Founder and C.E.O. of Reveal Vitality, Dr. Christopher Davis, is a triple board-certified cardiologist dedicated to providing exceptional, holistic health care. When you receive care from Dr. Davis and his team of experts, you will experience the thoughtfulness, dedication and intentionality you deserve when it comes to your health care. Dr. Davis has received comprehensive training and achieved notable accolades in the treatment of chronic illnesses and performance enhancement. With a background in internal medicine and cardiology, including fellowships at renowned institutions like the University of Virginia, Dr. Davis has expanded his expertise even further in Functional Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, and Regenerative Medicine.

Recently, Dr. Davis developed systemic wellness programs in an effort to educate and support patients in gaining control of their health. His approach emphasizes mindset, nutrition, exercise, and hormone balance for a positive body transformation.

At Reveal Vitality, Dr. Davis fuses his extensive knowledge of cardiology, functional medicine, nutrition, fitness, and permanent weight control into his practice. Dr. Davis holds board certifications in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and interventional cardiology.


What Is Functional Vs Concierge Medicine?

When it comes to modern healthcare, there are two approaches in particular that highlight individualized care and the importance of comprehensive health: concierge medicine and functional medicine.

Functional medicine centers around achieving ideal and fluid functioning of the entire body by aiming to uncover the root causes of any health issues and create a harmonious balance within. Functional medicine takes a holistic approach by considering many contributors to good health including factors that may be genetic, environmental, hormonal, and nutritional.

Concierge medicine takes personalized care to a new level entirely. Not only does it base treatment plans on individual patient needs, but it has revolutionized the delivery of that personalized care. Concierge medicine offers a variety of conveniences including longer appointment times and easier access to care.

Both functional medicine and concierge medicine prioritize top notch patient care while taking a more comprehensive approach to total wellness. Combined, healthcare has never been so comprehensive or so personal.


What Is The Purpose Of Concierge Medicine?

The purpose of concierge medicine is to redefine what a doctor-patient relationship looks like in an effort to provide the highest quality of care. This relatively new approach to healthcare really focuses on the preferences of patients on an individual basis, in turn formulating a stronger bond and a higher level of trust between doctors and their patients. Ultimately, concierge medicine aims to provide a comprehensive healthcare experience where patients feel valued, heard, and actively involved in their own journey to wellness.


What Is Another Name For Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is also commonly referred to as boutique or retainer-based medicine or platinum practice.


Is Concierge Medicine A Real Specialty?

Concierge medicine, while not a medical specialty in itself, has expanded beyond its beginnings in standard healthcare and migrated to secondary specialties as well. As patients search for more value in healthcare, and ways to protect their health, they find themself turning to concierge medicine.

Initially, concierge practices were primarily found in internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. However, as this mode of personalized practice has gained popularity among patients and practitioners alike, there has been an uptick in concierge practices within secondary specialties such as orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, and many other secondary medical fields. This expansion of concierge medicine demonstrates the increasing prioritization of personalized and comprehensive healthcare across the world of medicine as a whole. Concierge medicine has influenced the way healthcare can be presented in both primary and secondary care offices.


Is Concierge Medicine Worth The Money?

Much like with any form of medical practice, not all concierge medical offices are created equal. It’s important to consider what services matter most to you personally as well as evaluate your financial situation to determine if you can comfortably afford concierge medicine costs. Consider how important it is for you and your personal health journey to have around the clock personalized access to your physician. If convenient access and personalized attention are crucial to your peace of mind and overall well-being, concierge medicine may be right for you.

It is important to keep in mind that concierge medicine is not a substitute for traditional health care coverage. If you have a chronic condition that requires the care of a specialist outside the scope of your concierge medicine practitioner, it is important to weigh the membership fees along with your health insurance costs against your unique healthcare requirements.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Concierge Medicine?

While concierge medicine offers many benefits, the pros do not come without any cons.

On the positive side, one of the main benefits is the physician's ability to spend more time with their patients. Thanks to the upfront fee structure, they are not making money based upon how many patients they can fit into their schedule. With that smaller patient base, physicians are able to avoid rushing patients in and out of the exam room. This unhurried care allows for a much more tailored approach, personalizing the practice to meet the specific needs of each patient.

On the flip side, some of those positives are also potential drawbacks to concierge medicine as well - notably, the ability to see fewer patients. When a traditional practice transitions to a concierge medicine model, this inadvertently leads to a reduction in the volume of patients seen at that office. This is both because many patients are used to a traditional healthcare model and will seek treatment elsewhere, and also because there simply cannot be enough time in the day to see that same number of patients while providing the personalized level of availability that concierge medicine is built to offer.


What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine, also sometimes referred to as personalized medicine, is a comprehensive care focused medical field that incorporates many components together in an effort to uncover the root causes of any health issues instead of simply treating individual symptoms. Genius, right?

By looking at the body as a whole, integrated unit that functions together, we can achieve greater success in treatment. Instead of simply masking a disease or ailment, functional medicine practitioners aim to identify the root cause of that issue. For example, whether the issue is a hormone imbalance, exposure to harmful chemicals, immune issues, gut health, etc., at Reveal Vitality our team works towards correcting those underlying contributing factors so you can live a healthier, fuller life. Functional medicine recognizes that two patients with a similar ailment may present quite differently due to biological or environmental factors, and uses science backed approaches to hone in on a treatment plan that makes sense on an individualized basis.

In practice, functional medicine utilizes a lab result centered diagnostic approach to identify any concerning markers while taking into account individual genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors before establishing a care plan. This holistic approach to healthcare emphasizes positive lifestyle changes like bettering nutrition, increasing physical activity, getting adequate rest, and practicing overall mindfulness.


What’s the difference between functional and holistic medicine?

Functional medicine is often used interchangeably with the term holistic medicine. Despite occasionally being mistaken for one another, there are some fundamentally different qualities.

With functional medicine, it is believed that one's state of health is intricately woven from the threads of their distinct genetic composition and further influenced by the tub of environmental factors in which those genes have marinated. To put it simply, as individuals, we are not created equally - and that’s what makes the world such a beautiful place.

We each have our own signature genetic makeup that may or may not be more susceptible to certain ailments. Functional medicine combines that knowledge with the fact that we are also exposed to different environmental influences, and therefore may have different healthcare requirements. Some factors that may contribute to poor health could be due to geographical regions, chemicals at the workplace, toxins we consume, nutritional deficits, or any combination of lifestyle differences. Functional medicine uses science to analyze all of this information together and come up with a comprehensive treatment approach.

Similar to functional medicine, holistic medicine entails a total body approach to wellness. It focuses on the belief that an individual’s mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and where there is an imbalance in those wellness elements, diseases or sickness may ensue.

Differences between the two, however, lie in diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities, and professional training. Holistic wellness practitioners may find their way to practice through alternative medicine or healing arts, whereas functional medicine practitioners typically come from a conventional medical background and often carry certifications in functional medicine practices.

Many people refer to these medical fields interchangeably because similarly, neither look to traditional western medicine as a means to mask symptoms and both focus on a comprehensive, or total body, approach to wellness. While functional medicine and holistic medicine are not one in the same, functional medicine does come from more of a holistic perspective than traditional medicine.


What’s the benefit of functional medicine over traditional medicine?

When you take a look at functional medicine versus traditional medicine, there are many benefits to the former. Most obviously, traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms in a mostly one-size-fits-all fashion, whereas functional medicine actually aims to treat the individual’s body as a whole, therefore reducing symptoms by addressing the root causes of their complaints. Functional medicine promotes a healthy lifestyle and identifies what steps you can take toward total body wellness, rather than only prescribing medication to relieve symptoms.

Some other benefits of functional medicine over, or in combination with, traditional medicine are:

#1. The use of science to create a personalized approach

Functional medicine is rooted in science, utilizing data collection to distinguish the originating cause behind an individual’s condition. A functional medicine practitioner gathers comprehensive knowledge of each patient by thoroughly examining their medical history, individual genetic makeup, blood chemistry panels, lifestyle choices, physiological traits, and any relevant environmental factors. This pool of information not only helps to develop a personalized treatment plan but also allows for effective monitoring of progress over the course of treatment.

#2. Preventative care

Naturally, by identifying what fundamental contributors are affecting total wellness, you gain the power to make changes in needed areas. This means that not only are you treating ailments, but you also have the power to prevent them.


What conditions can functional medicine help treat?

Functional medicine can be a stepping stone toward healing many ailments including. . .

  • Mental health struggles
  • Digestive issues
  • Complications from allergies and sensitivities
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weight management struggles
  • Fatigue and energy problems
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • And more!

These conditions and related symptoms can often be complex and multifaceted, making it crucial to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how your body works before a treatment plan is devised.


Can I use insurance for integrative medicine services?

At Reveal Vitality in Sarasota, in an effort to make integrative medicine services available to everybody in Sarasota, we offer payment plans. However, we do not accept insurance for integrative medicine services. Upon request, we can provide you with a copy of your invoices so that you can submit them to your insurance company if desired. We cannot guarantee what reimbursement, if any, you may receive. We do not submit claims or call insurance companies directly.


How does Reveal Vitality personalize my integrative health care plan to me?

At Reveal Vitality, we utilize comprehensive genetic and metabolic testing in order to map out the blueprint for a personalized treatment and lifestyle plan. We use information gathered from these tests along with your medical history and current lifestyle choices to identify triggers to your ailments such as allergens, genetic abnormalities, toxins, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and the bacteria within your body to identify core contributors that are specific to you. With this knowledge, healing is possible and prevention is inevitable.


What functional medicine services does Reveal Vitality offer in Sarasota?

If you’re interested in functional medicine in Sarasota, contact Reveal Vitality to schedule your comprehensive testing and interpretation appointment today. Your treatment plan will be customized to your results, and may include some of the following services that we offer:

Learn more about our services today!


Why choose Reveal Vitality for your functional medicine services?

Reveal Vitality is a leading provider of functional medicine in Sarasota, offering a wide range of results-driven personalized health care services. Our holistic approach is rooted in science and focuses on treating the individual as a whole, addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just symptoms. With comprehensive genetic and metabolic testing, we create a personalized treatment plan and lifestyle blueprint that is tailored to your individual needs.

Our integrative medicine programs in Sarasota fuse the best of the traditional medicine world with holistic and functional approaches for a total wellness system. We believe that true health is influenced both genetically and environmentally, and our dedicated practitioners are trained to analyze every aspect of your health in order to create a comprehensive treatment approach, just for you.

Concierge Functional Medicine

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