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Welcome to the future of healthcare. At Reveal Vitality, we are dedicated to educating those who are interested in being proactive in maintaining a vibrant, active and productive lifestyle – regardless of age!

Scientific and technological advancements have allowed us to individualize health recommendations based on your own body blueprint. Understanding your unique genetic makeup and how your lifestyle & environment influence these genes is truly the key to health optimization.

If you truly value your health and are interested in becoming the best version of YOU – contact us to get started!

Meet Our Team

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis, MD, FACC

About Our Founder

Dr. Christopher Davis has always been passionate about providing top-notch care and compassion to his clients. His achievements and training are a reflection of his pursuit of excellence. After medical school, Dr. Davis trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins/Sinai Hospital for his Internal Medicine residency. During his training, he was recognized and honored for his incredible talent and commitment to patient care by being bestowed the honor of Chief Medical Resident at Johns Hopkins/Sinai University. Dr. Davis continued his training in cardiology and interventional cardiology with fellowships at the renowned University of Virginia.

Alyssa Rowe, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Alyssa Rowe is a board-certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years of experience caring for patients. She has an extensive background in cardiac care as well as in interventional radiology, intensive care, trauma and emergency medicine. Alyssa is passionate about integrative health and functional medicine, believing that a comprehensive approach is essential for providing the highest quality patient care and supporting successful outcomes. By taking the time to carefully listen to her patients, truly understand their specific needs, and develop a thorough root cause analysis, Alyssa educates, supports and empowers her patients to take control of their health and meet their personal health and wellness goals. She can’t wait to support you on your journey to optimal health! 

Christopher Davis

Lily Ross, MS, IHP

Integrative Health Practitioner

After earning her Masters degree in Medical Nutrition, Lily became certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) who specializes in gut health and holistic nutrition. Through her personal experience battling chronic illness, she’s developed a passion for educating and inspiring others to find health and healing through natural, holistic lifestyle practices. It is her goal to help empower others with the knowledge and tools they need in order to remove obstacles, cultivate healthy habits and become an active player in their wellness journey. With the right guidance and a bio-individualized approach to care, Lily believes it is possible to uncover the root cause of your symptoms, restore imbalances and help bring harmony back to the body.