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Comprehensive Testing

Personalized treatment plans integrating genetics, lifestyle, and biochemical assessments.


Triple Board Certified

Dr. Davis is triple board certified in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Internal Medicine


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Dr. Davis has decades of hands-on patient experience and has authored multiple studies on anti aging and overall health

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Dr. Davis and his team have already helped tens of thousands of patients achieve optimal health

A Revolutionary Concierge Approach to Holistic Cardiology

Two appointments with a practitioner

DEXA scan

Comprehensive labs and blood draw (for which there usually aren't any charges with most insurance plans),

A wellness grade

Personalized recommendations based on the results of the tests.

During the assessment process, you’ll receive valuable information about your body composition, risk for chronic disease, and overall health status. Your practitioner will calculate a wellness grade that you can use as a benchmark to measure your progress over time as you make changes in diet and lifestyle choices tailored specifically for you.

Reveal Vitality’s Comprehensive Health Assessment is an invaluable opportunity for individuals to gain a better understanding of their overall health and wellbeing. Since the healthcare system is designed primarily to treat diseases, prevention often falls by the wayside leaving individuals without true insight into how to prevent illness and maintain vitality. The Comprehensive Health Assessment will change that by providing an in-depth look into your current health with personalized recommendations on how to improve it.

Reveal Vitality’s Comprehensive Health Assessment is an invaluable opportunity for individuals to gain a better understanding of their overall health and wellbeing. Since the healthcare system is designed primarily to treat diseases, prevention often falls by the wayside leaving individuals without true insight into how to prevent illness and maintain vitality. The Comprehensive Health Assessment will change that by providing an in-depth look into your current health with personalized recommendations on how to improve it.

The CHA special represents a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insight into their health from an evidence-based perspective that gives them control over their wellbeing through personal responsibility – instead of relying solely on medical interventions after problems have already arisen. Additionally, this program focuses on prevention rather than merely treating illness after it has already occurred – helping individuals create healthier habits now so they don’t face serious medical consequences down the road.



Learn more about the many factors that can contribute to heart disease and the Reveal Vitality approach to prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced world, we often react to things, rather than working to proactively create our future. When it comes to our health, the same is often true. While it’s important to go to the doctor if you feel something is wrong or off, the “band aid” approach in medicine only works as a reactive measure. Our long-term well being relies on our every day actions. With some being more prone to certain conditions or diseases, it’s important to understand your genetic makeup and how your lifestyle can impact it. 

With a comprehensive health assessment, you can gain a deeper understanding of your body and learn how to proactively maintain your health. Participating in a comprehensive health assessment can be the key to unlocking a more vibrant and healthier self. With the power to see where your dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and other factors may fall short or not fully benefit you, you can work to reveal a more vibrant version of you. A qualified physician can assist in formulating a treatment plan and health blueprint in order to get back on track to revealing your vitality. 

Take control of your life and feel better. It starts with a comprehensive health assessment. Sarasota locals can work with Reveal Vitality for personalized care, driven by the desire to discover a healthier life together. Our team of compassionate professionals specialize in holistic treatment that’s sustainable. Our recommendations are not formulated until we get to know you, your lifestyle, your genetic makeup.  and what you feel can improve. 

Here’s what you should know about our comprehensive health assessment in Sarasota.


What Is A Comprehensive Assessment?

A comprehensive health assessment is a complex and in-depth look at a person’s well-being as a whole. This is typically done by a combination of questions about lifestyle, dietary habits, family history, and more as well as labs to get a comprehensive picture of your overall health. This picture is more than just a snapshot.

The goal of a comprehensive health assessment is to gain comprehensive insight into a person’s overall well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. During this assessment, a baseline will be to establish to indicate where your health is at.

At Reveal Vitality, we know holistic treatment works. To reflect on progress, patients can refer to their health grade. Our health grade is an indicator of where your health started versus where it’s at now. Seeing how far you’ve come can help to keep you going and pushing for more. The more connected you become with your body, the better you can communicate what you notice and what your needs may be. At Reveal Vitality, we offer the following holistic treatments for patients that can compliment a comprehensive health assessment while addressing the needs of each individual patient.

  • Hormone Optimization In Sarasota: Hormone optimization or hormone replacement therapies can be effective for hormone imbalances within your adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormone systems. These imbalances can be caused by internal and external factors, but are often correctable. Symptoms of hormone imbalances may include brain fog, depression, headaches, excessive weight gain, sexual dysfunction… and the list goes on. If your comprehensive health assessment points to a surplus or deficit in certain hormones, correcting that imbalance may be possible through hormone optimization therapy.
  • Detoxification Treatment In Sarasota: Detoxification treatment is the act of ridding the body of toxins, chemicals, and other substances that negatively affect our health. A reduced toxic loan on our livers, kidneys, and other organs can have a significant impact on our health, both short and long term. Symptoms of a build up in toxins may include obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, fatigue, infertility, allergies, behavior and mood disorders, and neurological conditions such as tremors, headaches, and cognitive difficulties, along with several other diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Nutrition Counseling In Sarasota: Nutrition counseling can provide you with the tools to make a world of difference in your overall health and wellbeing. When you provide your body with the nutrition it needs, you can mitigate symptoms such as obesity, brain fog, depression, fatigue, infertility, and much more. When it comes to the human body, food is fuel. It is easy to succumb to grab and go conveniences that don’t hit the mark when it comes to providing our bodies with what they need. Nutritional counseling can be the key to unlock more energy, healthier BMI, decreased risk of disease, and more.


What Are The Three Main Components Of A Comprehensive Health Assessment?

Comprehensive health assessments are designed to be, well, comprehensive. When we talk to patients about what a comprehensive health assessment entails, we break it down into three main components.

  1. Medical history: This part of the process will be multifaceted. Some topics you can expect to cover with your physician include; family history of disease and mental health disorders, personal history of medical diagnoses, details about any symptoms you are experiencing, and more.
  2. Physical exam: The physical exam can go a bit beyond what you would expect at a regular check-up exam. Our in-depth physical exam will include, but not be limited to, monitoring of vital signs as well as evaluating your body using percussion, palpitation, and auscultation.
  3. Laboratory testing: This is an essential part of a comprehensive health exam. By examining your comprehensive health profile including your comprehensive metabolic panel, comprehensive blood count, vitamin D, hemoglobin A1C, urinalysis and more, we can gain invaluable insight. Testing allows us to better understand the inner workings of your body so that a treatment plan can be compromised. These results can provide crucial information including markers for inflammation, organ function, and more.

By integrating these three components and examining your total body, in combination with listening to what the patient is feeling or concerned about, we can make personalized recommendations. Our treatment plans prioritize what’s best for your health, while keeping sustainability top of mind. A comprehensive health assessment is such an important step in getting the right care, since each individual is so vastly different and deserves to be seen and treated on an individual level.


What Is An Example Of A Comprehensive Assessment?

To gain a better understanding of what a comprehensive assessment looks like in practice, let’s go over a comprehensive health assessment example.

Let’s say a 42 year old woman named Pam comes in with complaints of fatigue, insomnia, and unexplained weight gain. Pam would like to partake in a comprehensive health assessment in order to understand what her body may need in order to feel its best.

During her medical history review, Pam discloses a family history of thyroid disorders. Additionally, Pam discoses that she has been under an excessive amount of stress at work, which may have an impact on her sleep patterns and hormone production. Hormones may additionally already be shifting due to Pam’s age, but testing can verify this.

During her medical examination, Pam’s physician notices an enlarged thyroid gland as well as an elevated blood pressure. The physician also notices some dry skin and thinning hair, which may be an indication of a thyroid disorder and/or excessive stress hormone production.

Laboratory testing confirms the suspicions of a thyroid disorder as well as imbalanced hormones. While this is concerning, these can be treatable conditions. Pam and her physician can now collaborate to form an effective treatment plan. This may involve nutritional counseling, hormone optimization therapy, and any other treatment that Pam and her physician think may improve her health.


When Should You Get A Comprehensive Health Assessment?

When it comes to our health, it’s best to be proactive. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or not, getting a comprehensive health assessment can help you learn about your body. It can also help you make adjustments to maintain your health longer while feeling better.

Prevention is always the best form of treatment.

Schedule your https://revealvitality.com/comprehensive-health-assessment/ now.


What Questions Are Asked During A Health Assessment?

The specifics of a comprehensive health assessment may vary from patient to patient, but some of the questions you can expect to be asked might include those surrounding:

  • General family history
  • Personal health concerns
  • Symptoms
  • Home support i.e. relationships and social circles
  • Diet/nutrition
  • Allergies
  • Sleep habits
  • Vaccines and immunizations
  • Sexual activity
  • Sources of stress
  • Exercise habits
  • Medications and supplements
  • Lifestyle factors such as drug, alcohol, or tobacco use

This is just a sample of what you can expect to discuss with your physician during a comprehensive health assessment. The more accurate and honest your answers are, the more your doctor may be able to help.


What Is The Goal Of A Comprehensive Assessment?

The goal of a comprehensive health assessment is to enhance quality of life by determining the best ways to keep your body healthy so that you can feel your best. Identifying inflammation, markers for disease, hormone imbalances, and other causes for negative health issues can be pivotal in receiving the care that will actually help. Building an individualized treatment plan based upon real results and information can completely change the path of your health.

In a world where the pace of life is unrelenting, prioritizing your health takes some initiative. Taking the time to check in with your body before symptoms strike can be life changing. These steps can ensure a healthier and happier future. A comprehensive health assessment goes beyond basic healthcare and marks the beginning of a journey to life-long well being. Have the body and the health that you deserve, and take steps to controlling your health.

Take charge of your well-being and schedule a comprehensive health assessment!

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