Paul C.

After a long, high-pressured professional career and lifestyle in New York, I came to Sarasota to seek a fresh start. I was inactive, overweight and anxious. I wanted to start over on all fronts – exercise, nutrition and mental health. Reveal Vitality seemed to offer a much more comprehensive and attentive program of care, and they’ve delivered.

Dr. Davis and Reveal Vitality were highly recommended by a trusted friend. I had grown used to somewhat perfunctory medical care from my various practitioners in New York. They seemed to treat every symptom with a pill, “Take two a day and come back in two weeks.” At 75, I wanted a deeper understanding of how my body and mind worked.

First and foremost, I’m learning and applying so much about how physical and mental health are linked to nutrition and exercise. Visible improvements on all fronts!
I’ve lost 40 lbs. – now at my high school weight! – after six months of care and guidance from Dr. Davis and his excellent staff. My mental acuity and daily mood are improving.
After many years of neglect, my heart health is steadily improving.

First step was to get an overall health assessment from Dr. Davis. Using state-of-the-art examination and tests, he provided me with very specific programs for restoring my physical and mental health. Nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation – all linked in a holistic and practical way. It’s been a very effective approach for someone who historically put self-care at the bottom of my list.

I strongly recommend Dr. Davis and Reveal to anyone who wants a fresh start on their physical and mental health. His practice gives you a detailed health assessment and then a practical and holistic plan for improving. He and his staff are very professional and do an excellent job of following up on details.

Dr. Davis and his staff are not just dedicated professionals but caring individuals as well. They take the time to get to know you. Visits to the office are not just enlightening but fun.