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At Reveal Vitality, optimal health and healing are based on partnership and process. We work with you to optimize your health and prevent disease or to find and treat the root causes of an existing illness.

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You will learn more about how we partner with patients through the process of “peeling the onion of disease” and get to the root of the problem.

Often our clients see that just by making a few changes, they can enjoy profound shifts in their health. Whether it be hormonal imbalance, detoxification, stress, environmental toxins, dietary changes, supplementation or hormone replacement therapy, our team provides you with a comprehensive, personalized plan, guidance, and support to achieve optimal health and reveal your inner vitality.

Telemedicine – Virtual Medicine

Sit in the comfort of your home and speak with us on a secure line with TELEMEDICINE
Looking for a Second Opinion or Different Approach to Your Health?
We are Proud to Offer the Latest Development in Medicine.
Telemedicine is a 2 way audio/video conference with your doctor that occurs at a distance. You can sit in the comfort of your home and speak with your doctor confidentially on a secure line. This is a line that only you and your doctor can access. The connection is completely HIPPA compliant.

That means it is a secure connection that no unseen third party can access. You will meet for a consultation face to face with your doctor using this new technology. To participate in Telemedicine all you need is a computer with a video camera and a high-speed internet connection.

We are on the cutting edge of this new technology and sometimes new things are scary, especially meeting with a new doctor over the internet. To help you embrace this new way of medicine we asked some of our patients to give us feedback.

Here is what our patients are saying about this technology:

“The Telemedicine appointment seemed to be just as effective as an in-person appointment. It was much better than a phone appointment in my opinion but just as convenient” -Branda P

“I loved the Telemedicine option. For me, it was the distance. I can benefit from her expertise without the hour’s commute each way” -Jackie W.

“I think the Telemedicine appointments work great. Sound quality is better than over the phone, and as long as there’s a reliable connection, it’s far superior to phone” -Diana L.

When you use Telemedicine, you increase your access to your doctor, wherever and whenever you need to.

It all boils down to better service without compromise.

Who Can Benefit from a Telemedicine Appointment?
New and existing patients
Patients who are feeling too sick or too tired to leave home
Patients who live far away and want to avoid a long commute
Busy moms
College students away at school
Traveling Executives

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