Sheryl T.

By the Grace of God, I found Dr Christopher Davis.For 6 yrs my health spiraled downwards.No matter how many Drs I saw or test performed, multiple trips to ER w/ heart issues, Raynaud’s, blood blisters, gall bladder, infections, overactive bladder, neuropathy pain, episodes of being paralyzed hrs at a time, seizures, vision & hearing loss, numbness, occipital neuralgia migraines, trigeminal nerve pain, weakness, muscle spasms, vision: hazy, blurred, double, choking on food & water, blacking out, falling, feeling the life sucked right out of me.

A banding squeezing pain in chest abdomen area, hot sweats, chills, but still no answers to why my health was declining so fast. Told maybe MS, Sjogrens or Scleroderma.Some Drs didn’t believe me, some believed but either way they sent me home w/ no help or guidance. I was a complicated case, which can make Drs heads spin just by telling them all of my symptoms & health issues. Dr Davis listens, he didn’t give up on me. I finally found a Dr that had the ability, the knowledge, or if he didn’t he researched till he found the answers.This Dr is up for a challenge. My walking kept getting slower & slower, increasing weakness & numbness.My cognitive, memory, getting lost, my brain was a mess. I finally ordered a 2in1 Rollator/transport chair. I was fighting using it but slowly gave into the chair as it was a way to still function. It took all I had to get up to his office that day. I had no strength to even keep my eyes open as we talked.

My mitochondria at this point not working. I had Mast Cell Activation, Raynaud’s, POTS & Autoimmune Encephalitis – Brain on Fire, Ischemic Heart/ Brain, Small Blood Vessel Disease, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, palpitations, ANS & CNS dysfunction. Vagal Nerve dysfunction. Light, sound & motion contributed to my overstimulated neurological system. Creating more seizures, more pain. He took one look at me & right away administered treatment. He knew I had a negative lyme test approx 6 yrs ago but 50% of standard lyme test are false negative. He swore I had Lyme. We agreed to do a Vibrant America Tick Borne DNA Lab Test.This day would be remembered as “Today is a Good Day for a Good Day!” And it proved to be a Very Good Day! Finally a diagnosis: Lyme disease stage 3 – So many different strains & confections, Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia Bavariensis, Borrelia Lustitaniae, Babesia Duncani, Bartonella henselae, Bartonella elizabethae, Borrelia burdorferi, Borrelia mayoni, Babesia micro, Powassan Virus, Epstein Barre, APOE4/E4 genetically the worse genes you can get. The odds against me kept stacking up. But neither of us gave up. After hearing the results a Smile I had not felt in a very long while. Finally a diagnosis, I could get help. Some Lyme strains & confections some were rare but concerning was the Rare Powassan Virus. It is known to be very deadly. Dr Davis studied all my results, he didn’t hesitate to send me to a specialist he knew in Lake Mary, Dr Crozier said I was 2nd to the top most complicated case that he has treated. Once again feeling blessed the Lord sent me to Dr Davis. I had 2 top Drs on my team to fight this battle. 2 wks into treatment I caught Covid Pneumonia which created a perfect storm w/ all my other health issues. Effecting my heart, scarring in lungs, no longer walk or stand w/ out assistance, weight loss, seizures even stronger. Vertigo increased. After the hospital, Dr Davis started to build me back up. Honestly I don’t believe I would of made it if I wouldn’t of been under his care. He started a life style change for me, a strict diet to fight all the inflammation & to help prevent future health problems especially w/ my genes APOE4/E4. Supplements to balance my system, proper medications. Having Dr Davis as a Preventive Medical Dr in my opinion is the only way to go. I am no longer fighting this battle alone, I will be forever grateful, I love that we can be serious but we can also laugh through some of this. I appreciate his amazing staff also.

Thank you, Sheryl Thomas