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Are you ready to live your best life- a life of limitless potential? Welcome to a new paradigm of precision health and wellness- Human Potential MedicineTM. One thing we have learned about our current healthcare system is that it is focused on a one size fits all “sick care” model that has left us with an epidemic of chronic diseases. We see more heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, dementia, and autoimmune disease than ever before.

As a progressive practitioner, I understand that each person is unique and requires an individualized approach. At Reveal Vitality we successfully combine aspects of traditional Western medical practice with integrative/functional medicine practices, employing evidence-based therapies in order to establish homeostatic balance. We know that the human body is a complex system and many of the symptoms that are associated with chronic diseases result from imbalances in this complex system. Our foundational approach at Reveal Vitality links health consciousness to lifestyle choices which facilitate the reestablishment of that inner balance. Healthy lifestyle choices related to sleep, stress, nutrition, human movement, hormones, and cognition result in optimized health and wellness in our clients.

Our concierge program offers personalized attention (approximately 20-25 hours per year, compared to the typical five-to-eight minutes); individualized care (taking into account patients’ preferences, genomics, and responses to interventions); precision nutrition plans (based on genomics, food preferences, individual response, goals, and meal patterns); peak cognitive performance (by helping clients take charge of cognitive function and control subconscious programs)

Dr. Chris

What is possible for our clients with Precision Performance Health and Wellness?

A system-based approach to optimize health.

Precision programming based on:

  • Personal genetics/epigenetics
  • Blood markers
  • Biometrics
  • Individual goals

Epigenetic performance coaching utilizing science-based nutrition, genomic and lifestyle interventions

Bio-specific nutrition, supplementation, and exercise

Who our programs are designed for?

  • High achievers that are open to growth-not victims
  • Analytical people that thrive on data-driven metrics
  • Tenacious people that will venture into the uncomfortable because they know that growth occurs outside of the comfort zone.
  • Individuals that understand that success requires discipline and they are willing to do what others are not

How is Functional Medicine Different?

Functional Medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease. Hallmarks of a Functional Medicine approach include:

Client-centered care

The focus of Functional Medicine is on client-centered care, promoting health as a positive vitality, beyond just the absence of disease. By listening to the client and learning his or her story, the practitioner brings the patient into the discovery process and tailors treatments that address the individual’s unique needs.

An integrative, science-based healthcare approach

Functional Medicine practitioners look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the client’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The unique genetic makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total functioning.

Integrating best medical practices

Functional Medicine integrates traditional Western medical practices with what is sometimes considered “alternative” or “integrative” medicine, creating a focus on prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques; and prescribed combinations of pharmaceutical drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs and stress-management techniques.

Asking Key Questions

Client-centered care also focuses on the health outcomes that are important to individual patients, addressing questions such as: “Will this treatment improve the quality of my life? Given my lifestyle and preferences, which options are best for me? How will the implications of a particular therapy affect my family?” To answer these questions, there must be more and better communication among care providers, patients, and patients’ families. It requires health care providers to be continuously engaged with clients so that they are aware of the outcomes that matter most to clients and can help them make decisions that are in their best interest.

Focused on Outcomes

Client-centered outcomes focuses on identifying which of the existing treatment options will work best for clients instead of the provider choosing what THEY prefer. It is not about the preference of the provider, it is about the best choice for the client.

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