If you’re new to Reveal Vitality, you probably are curious to know how to prepare for your first visit and what to expect. Here’s some guidance to get you started with Reveal Vitality’s personalized approach to health.

Once you’ve set your initial appointment, the most important thing to do is to request your previous medical records from your current health provider/providers and have them sent to Reveal Vitality. “It really all starts with getting the records,” says Dr. Christopher Davis, owner of Reveal Vitality. He spends a large chunk of time reviewing each patient’s medical records in advance. Reviewing those records before the first appointment enables Dr. Davis to ask targeted health questions. 

By reviewing health records in advance, Dr. Davis can find out:

  • Any chronic health issues you have
  • Procedures you’ve had done
  • Medications that you take
  • Diagnostic tests that you’ve had
  • Other health concerns noted by your current health provider

The records help both you and Dr. Davis to maximize your time together. In fact, Reveal Vitality requires your health records in advance. To get these records to Reveal Vitality, contact your health provider’s office and request that a copy be sent to Reveal.

Before you come to your first Reveal Vitality visit, also take some time to make notes about your health. Perhaps you’ve already kept notes on certain health symptoms or conditions (for instance, a headache log if chronic headaches are a problem). In advance of your visit, note questions and concerns that you want to share with Dr. Davis. He’s happy to report that most of his patients are engaged with their health and may already take notes about their health before they even step foot in the practice.

In our next article, find out what to expect during your first day visiting Reveal Vitality.

Want Better Health? Here’s What Reveal Vitality Can Do for You

Dr. Davis and the staff at Reveal Vitality collaborate with you for personalized health that combines certain aspects of traditional Western medical practice with integrative and functional medicine practices. 

Here are just some of the services offered by Reveal Vitality that can help you focus on wellness instead of sickness:

  • Natural weight loss
  • Integrative cardiovascular care
  • Vitamin therapy and nutrition counseling to get you on a better nutritional path
  • Personalized health care, which includes about 20 to 25 hours a year of care
  • Precision nutrition plans based on your individual responses, food preferences, and genomics
  • Peak cognitive performance plans that help you take charge of your cognitive function

Contact Reveal Vitality today at 941-217-2777 to discover how we can guide you toward better health and a future with less chronic disease and aging.