In this part 2 article, let’s continue our journey of what to expect during your first visit to the Reveal Vitality office in Sarasota. For part 1 click here.

When you arrive at the office, you’ll find yourself in a waiting room not unlike that found at conventional medical practices. One major difference is you won’t be surrounded by a room full of people. In fact, there may be only one other person waiting. That’s because Dr. Davis typically sees six to eight patients a day, giving him at least an hour with each patient. 

Once the nurse calls you back, you’ll have your vital signs taken, such as your blood pressure and pulse. However, you’ll also have some other tests done. This includes a test called digital pulsewave analysis that measures the health of your arterial walls. Another test measures your autonomic nervous system, which helps control many functions in the body including heart rate and body temperature. These easy tests take no more than five minutes to complete.

After that, you’ll meet with Dr. Davis. Feel free to take notes or record your conversation with him. Dr. Davis encourages patients to take these steps so they can review information after the appointment.

You can also expect to hear a lot of information during your first appointment, some of which may be hard to follow at first. Dr. Davis likes to say that patients “drink from a firehose” their first couple of visits. Over time, you’ll hear the same concepts repeatedly and find this new health information easier to understand.

As Dr. Davis gets to learn more about your health during that initial visit, he will also order some lab tests that he requests for all patients. These include:

  • A micronutrient test to evaluate levels of nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants in your body
  • An advanced lipid panel that more precisely determines your risk for heart disease compared with just knowing your total cholesterol. The tests he orders will obtain this additional heart-related information. 
  • A complete thyroid panel to check for thyroid disease

Dr. Davis may order other tests if they are needed, such as a microbiome test for GI issues or tests that detect Lyme disease or mold toxicity if there is a strong suspicion for one of these issues.

You can expect a follow-up visit within a few weeks after your initial visit and completion of these tests. From there, your journey at Reveal Vitality will depend on your health needs and wishes. Some patients check in with Dr. Davis a couple of times a years to optimize their health or to focus on anti-aging. Other patients who are in active treatment for a health issue may visit the office a couple of times a month.

No matter what path you take as a patient at Reveal Vitality, you’ll find personalized options for better health.

Want Better Health? Here’s What Reveal Vitality Can Do for You

Dr. Davis and the staff at Reveal Vitality collaborate with you for personalized health that combines certain aspects of traditional Western medical practice with integrative and functional medicine practices. 

Here are just some of the services offered by Reveal Vitality that can help you focus on wellness instead of sickness:

  • Natural weight loss
  • Integrative cardiovascular care
  • Vitamin therapy and nutrition counseling to get you on a better nutritional path
  • Personalized health care, which includes about 20 to 25 hours a year of care
  • Precision nutrition plans based on your individual responses, food preferences, and genomics
  • Peak cognitive performance plans that help you take charge of your cognitive function

Contact Reveal Vitality today at 941-217-2777 to discover how we can guide you toward better health and a future with less chronic disease and aging.