Reveal Vitality

Advanced Therapies & Diagnostics

Advanced Science Based Lifestyle Medicine Diagnostics & Therapies help our clinic to precisely and measurably identify where these body imbalances are so our clients get the most personalized treatment plan to optimize their well-being and reveal their vitality.

  • 5Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • 5Adrenal, Stress and Cortisol Testing
  • 5Complete Thyroid Panels
  • 5Autoimmune Panels
  • 5Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
  • 5Hormone Testing
  • 5Gut Parasite Testing
  • 5Advanced Mold Testing
  • 5Body Composition Testing
  • 5Food Sensitivities & Dietary Antigen Testing
  • 5Vitamin and Mineral Testing
  • 5Vitamin D Testing
  • 5Essential Fatty Acid Testing
  • 5Levels of Good Bacteria in Your Gut
  • 5Fat to Muscle Ratio
  • 5Micronutrient Testing

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