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Comprehensive Testing

Personalized treatment plans integrating genetics, lifestyle, and biochemical assessments.


Triple Board Certified

Dr. Davis is triple board certified in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Internal Medicine


Decades of Experience

Dr. Davis has decades of hands-on patient experience and has authored multiple studies on anti aging and overall health

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50,000+ Patients Served

Dr. Davis and his team have already helped tens of thousands of patients achieve optimal health

Anti Aging Patient Reviews

Rebecca D
Rebecca D
17:34 16 Dec 22
I believe it’s essential for every patient to have a doctor like Dr. Davis when it comes to their wellness journey- whichever path that may be! He truly is a whole different breed in the best way possible. What he has created and is continuing to expand in his clinic is the future of medicine. His knowledge is unmatchable. He’s driven and motivated to find the root cause, not just suppress your symptoms which is key! I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff! They are always personable and very on top of things. If you’re looking for the gold standard of a doctor, staff, testing, diagnosing, an individualized treatment plan, etc. Look no further, you just found it! I feel blessed to have found a doctor that I truly trust and will continue to be a loyal client of his for many years to come!
Frank Griffith Jr.
Frank Griffith Jr.
01:34 14 Dec 22
Dr.Cris Davis was previously a top rated cardiovascular surgeon. He now brings that skill base into his current wellness practice which is especially important to me as a patient of his with cardiac disease. His practice is phenomenal and my health has improved significantly! I’ve experienced a tremendous decrease in my weight as well. He’s a genius at this and all I can say is please don’t hesitate to make an investment in yourself towards longevity!
Norman Rosenberg
Norman Rosenberg
19:57 21 Nov 22
Dr. Davis is great!He is interested in solving the root cause of my issues, not just prescribing drugs and sending me on my way.He always spends over an hour with me going over every aspect of my health.Such a contrast to my last cardiologist that never spent more than 15 minutes with me, prescribing drugs that negatively affected me, never looking for the cause of my problems, and only doing what the insurance company would pay for.
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A Revolutionary Concierge Approach to Anti Aging

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal aging by identifying and addressing the root causes of your aging concerns and working with you to promote a healthy, vibrant interior and exterior.

At Reveal Vitality, patients get a complete, in-depth assessment so we can create a comprehensive, personalized plan to let you look and feel your best, regardless of chronological age.

Our purpose is in our name, reveal your vitality with our clinically proven anti-aging treatments and therapies.

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Find Out What Helps Most With Age Management

At Reveal Vitality, we use advanced technology and testing that allow us to assess all aging risk factors and create a customized plan tailored to your specific profile and needs.

Your age management plan may include:

  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
  • Hormone Alignment Therapy
  • Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Detoxification

And more!

Video: (Aging And 5 Pillars Of Health)

Learn more from Dr. Davis about biological age, chronological age and the 5 Pillars of Health that we support for every patient on their journey to optimal aging.

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Schedule your comprehensive, in-depth risk assessment including complete advanced testing

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Get your personalized cardiovascular and body optimization plan

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Platinum Elite Level Treatment Plan




Get ongoing expert support, coaching, and direction to achieve optimal health

Additional Services

IV Therapy Treatment
Vitamin IV Therapy
comprehensive health assessment
Comprehensive Health Assessment
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Nutrition Counseling
natural weight loss
Natural Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody wants to feel comfortable in their own skin. As we age, that sometimes becomes more difficult, leading individuals to seek out anti-aging treatments as a means to stop the biological clock or reverse the damage caused by aging to their appearance. 

As a society, the wish to look and feel younger is so prevalent that 62% of Americans report useing some type of anti-aging product on a regular basis. There are many factors that contribute to rapid biological aging, including diet, exercise, sun exposure, environmental factors, underlying conditions, and genetic dispositions. With just as many solutions for anti-aging as there are contributors to aging, there is hope to start turning back the hands on that biological clock and lead a more vibrant life. 

Keep reading to learn more about anti-aging treatments that are available in your area, and where you can find the best anti-aging doctor serving Miami and Orlando.


Where Can I Find Reputable Anti-Aging Doctors In Miami?

In Miami, the beauty scene is busy, as is the city itself. At Reveal Vitality we offer personalized treatment recomendations virtually for our Miami patients, with our main practice being located in Sarasota. For outer beauty and inner health, anti-aging practices can promote a healthy active lifestyle to keep up with the busy Miami lifestyle.

From music festivals to beach volleyball and everything in between, it is important for Miami residents to feel young - and looking the part certainly doesn’t hurt. If that leaves you wondering where you can find reputable anti-aging doctors serving the Miami area, look no further than Reveal Vitality. Our purpose is in our name, reveal your vitality with our clinically proven anti-aging treatments and therapies. Our office focuses on natural, holistic approaches to help the aging process move along gracefully by addressing the root causes of your aging concerns and healing your body as a whole to promote a young and vibrant interior and exterior. Located in Sarasota, we proudly serve all of Southern Florida, including the Miami area, helping patients live a healthier and more youthful life. With a unique approach and compassion for our patients, our practice is unlike any other. Plus, with the ability to virtual care you can easily access our team of top doctors and holistic care customized to your body’s blueprint.


What Services Do Anti-Aging Doctors In Miami Offer?

Services that anti-aging doctors in Miami offer will vary by clinic. At Reveal Vitality, we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessments: During the assessment process, you’ll receive valuable information about your body composition, risk for chronic disease, and overall health status. Your practitioner will calculate a wellness grade that you can use as a benchmark to measure your progress over time as you make changes in diet and lifestyle choices tailored specifically for you.
  • Integrative Cardiovascular Care: At Reveal Vitality, patients get a complete, in-depth assessment of all risk factors so we can identify their true risk of heart disease and create a comprehensive plan to prevent it.
  • Preventative Health Check Up Packages: This includes adrenal, stress, and cortisol testing, complete thyroid panels, autoimmune panels, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, hormone testing, parasite testing, mold testing, body composition testing, food sensitivity testing, vitamin and mineral testing, micronutrient testing, and more! All of these things can play into how well your body functions as well as how gracefully you age.
  • Hormone Testing and Optimization: Hormonal imbalances can cause a host of age related health problems, including inflammation, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, sexual dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and more.
  • Detoxification: The process of detoxification involves many steps. There may be reasons why the body isn’t particularly efficient at clearing toxins. These reasons can be situational and sometimes age related, such as having an increased exposure to toxins, being constipated and thus not able to excrete toxins in the stool, being deficient in specific nutrients, eating a nutrient-poor diet, being under stress, having a chronic disease, experiencing excessive inflammation, and not getting enough physical activity or restorative sleep.
  • Vitamin IV Therapy: Vitamin IV Therapy is both painless and effective in promoting overall health and vitality. Our wellness center is designed to help you relax the mind while replenishing the body.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutritional guidance, holistic nutrition and health counseling understands metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint and varies at different times in one’s life. It is essential to get the proper nutrients and minerals from your diet in order to slow down the aging process.
  • Natural Weight Loss: Weight loss regimens can look different at different stages of our lives, and holding too much weight can contribute to looking and feeling older. Our staff will create a personalized approach to natural weight loss in order to help slow your biological aging and keep you feeling young.

Aging is a complex process. By taking a comprehensive approach to total wellness, these services can harmoniously support graceful aging and help you maintain and increase vitality. Since anti-aging requires a multi-faceted approach, Dr. Davis will consider your individual needs and lab results and collaborate with you to form the best anti-aging regimen for your body so you can achieve real results. Whether that means hormone therapies, nutritional counseling, or any combination of our other services, your blueprint to looking and feeling younger could be only one comprehensive health assessment away.


How Experienced Are Anti-Aging Doctors In Miami?

We can’t speak for all anti-aging doctors in Miami, but we can speak to Dr. Davis’s experience. Founder and CEO of Reveal Vitality, Dr. Davis has 26 years and counting of experience in the healthcare industry. Through his patients he has proven his dedication to delivering the highest quality of care while prioritizing an innovative approach to health and wellness. His excellence can be further proven by his many accomplishments, awards, and positions. Having cared for over 50,000 patients throughout his career, Dr. David is triple board certified and specialized in Integrative Cardiology as well as Functional Medicine. His thorough and comprehensive approaches and deep understanding of the human body have earned him an outstanding reputation in the medical community. With a global reach, patients from around the world have sought his care for his effective holistic approach to functional medicine.


How Much Do Anti-Aging Treatments Cost In Miami?

The cost of Anti-Aging treatments in Miami will vary depending on the treatments, procedures, or products you choose. Treatments such as botox, fillers, and laser wrinkle remover will likely need to be repeated to achieve lasting results. This is something to consider as you look for accurate pricing information. Holistic approaches to anti-aging treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and vitamin IV therapy can do much more than provide a “band-aid” approach to your aging woes, and may end up costing less in the long run. These total wellness solutions to anti-aging treatments can vary in cost as well, and at Reveal Vitality, prices are quoted individually as functional medicine is never a one-size-fits-all approach. You will receive a program price at the end of your new patient wellness consultation based on your health goals and needs.


Can Anti-Aging Doctors In Miami Help With Cosmetic Procedures?

Some anti-aging doctors in Miami can help with cosmetic procedures. However, cosmetic procedures may only be a temporary fix. At Reveal Vitality we work to preserve a younger looking and healthier version of you. Our treatment starts within and radiates out. Achieving total body wellness can provide benefits that can far surpass a more youthful appearance.


What Is The Difference Between Traditional Dermatologists And Anti-Aging Doctors In Miami?

While a dermatologist and an anti-aging doctor in Miami can have similar goals, there are some major differences. A dermatologist in Miami may offer some anti-aging treatments or products, but they’re services are typically only skin deep. Anti-aging doctors in Miami can offer many services that help cleanse and revitalize your skin from within to not only slow your skin’s biological clock, but your whole body’s as well.

Dr. Christopher Davis is one of the most highly recommended anti-aging doctors not just in the Miami area, but in all of Florida. In fact, patients travel from around the world to experience the Reveal Vitality difference when it comes to functional and anti-aging medicine.

Reveal Vitality puts the focus back on the patients as we step away from conventional “band-aid medicine” into a more comprehensive medical world focused on disease prevention and unveiling the root cause of any conditions. These values hold true when it comes to our anti-aging treatments and therapies. With a commitment to patient care, we invest time into getting to know every one of our patients. It’s our goal to create a personalized plan to help you achieve the best version of yourself. By fostering a connection with a trusted anti-aging doctor, you can work on learning how to feel your best while prolonging your life.

Reveal your Vitality! Schedule your appointment today to see what anti-aging treatments are available to Miami area and South Florida residents.

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