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Comprehensive Testing

Personalized treatment plans integrating genetics, lifestyle, and biochemical assessments.


Triple Board Certified

Dr. Davis is triple board certified in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Internal Medicine


Decades of Experience

Dr. Davis has decades of hands-on patient experience and has authored multiple studies on anti aging and overall health

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50,000+ Patients Served

Dr. Davis and his team have already helped tens of thousands of patients achieve optimal health

Cardiology Patient Reviews

Rebecca D
Rebecca D
17:34 16 Dec 22
I believe it’s essential for every patient to have a doctor like Dr. Davis when it comes to their wellness journey- whichever path that may be! He truly is a whole different breed in the best way possible. What he has created and is continuing to expand in his clinic is the future of medicine. His knowledge is unmatchable. He’s driven and motivated to find the root cause, not just suppress your symptoms which is key! I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff! They are always personable and very on top of things. If you’re looking for the gold standard of a doctor, staff, testing, diagnosing, an individualized treatment plan, etc. Look no further, you just found it! I feel blessed to have found a doctor that I truly trust and will continue to be a loyal client of his for many years to come!
Frank Griffith Jr.
Frank Griffith Jr.
01:34 14 Dec 22
Dr.Cris Davis was previously a top rated cardiovascular surgeon. He now brings that skill base into his current wellness practice which is especially important to me as a patient of his with cardiac disease. His practice is phenomenal and my health has improved significantly! I’ve experienced a tremendous decrease in my weight as well. He’s a genius at this and all I can say is please don’t hesitate to make an investment in yourself towards longevity!
Norman Rosenberg
Norman Rosenberg
19:57 21 Nov 22
Dr. Davis is great!He is interested in solving the root cause of my issues, not just prescribing drugs and sending me on my way.He always spends over an hour with me going over every aspect of my health.Such a contrast to my last cardiologist that never spent more than 15 minutes with me, prescribing drugs that negatively affected me, never looking for the cause of my problems, and only doing what the insurance company would pay for.
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A Revolutionary Concierge Approach to Holistic Cardiology

Cardiovascular disease has been the leading cause of death in the United States for decades but traditional medicine only considers a few well-known risk factors like smoking, blood pressure, and cholesterol. This limited approach is clearly not working and can miss up to 50% of people who are truly at high risk of having a heart attack.

At Reveal Vitality, patients get a complete, in-depth assessment of all risk factors so we can identify their true risk of heart disease and create a comprehensive plan to prevent it.

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Find Out Your True Risk of Heart Disease

Heart attack prevention requires us to look in the right places so it’s critical to do the right testing up front. At Reveal Vitality, we use advanced technology and testing that allows us to assess all risk factors that are associated with heart disease, including:

  • Advanced cardiovascular testing
  • Vascular inflammatory markers
  • Arterial inflammation and stiffness
  • Endothelial Dysfunction


Learn more about the many factors that can contribute to heart disease and the Reveal Vitality approach to prevention

Concierge functional medicine cardiology treatments

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Schedule your comprehensive, in-depth risk assessment including complete advanced testing

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Get your personalized cardiovascular and body optimization plan

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Platinum Elite Level Treatment Plan



Get ongoing expert support, coaching, and direction to achieve optimal health

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