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“I am passionate about what I do. I treat all of my patients with compassion and respect.”

~Christopher Davis

It is time for us all to accept greater responsibility for our own health.

We live in a society where most of us are focused on reacting to symptoms as opposed to preventing them before they begin.

Our current system should be more aptly referred to as a “disease care” system. At Reveal Vitality, we replace this reactionary system with comprehensive genetic and metabolic testing that provides the blueprint for a personalized treatment and lifestyle plan. This provides the foundation for maintaining a vibrant, active, and productive lifestyle regardless of age.

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Finding the cure for unresolved symptoms may require a different approach than traditional testing and ten minute doctor visits.

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Advanced Therapies & Diagnostics

Advanced Therapies & Diagnostics

Advanced Science-Based Lifestyle Medicine Diagnostic & Therapy programs help our practitioners to precisely test and identify body imbalances and prevent cardiovascular disease. Our clients get personalized, natural treatment plans at our Sarasota office to optimize their wellbeing and reveal their vitality.

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Detoxification Program

Detoxification Program

Detoxification is at the heart of the body’s natural process of rendering chemicals, compounds, hormones, and toxicants less harmful. The organs of detoxification work efficiently as a whole to help you lose the body burden, preventing a toxic load of chemicals.

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Hormone Optimization

Natural Hormone Optimization

Hormonal imbalances can cause a host of serious health problems and diseases, including inflammation, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, sexual dysfunction, weight loss problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and more. Our testing and hormone replacement programs in Sarasota can help in preventing these conditions.

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Integrative Cardiology

Integrative Cardiovascular Care

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America and worldwide. Despite advancements in heart testing, medications, medical procedures, and surgeries the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors continue to rise. We help clients in Sarasota and beyond lose the reactionary mindset with our natural heart disease prevention program.

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Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Therapy

Nutrient IV drips are a natural and safe way to prevent low-levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Testing shows that when taking your daily dose of vitamins orally, the body only absorbs about 30% of these nutrients and loses the other 70%.

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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Many common chronic conditions and diseases have a primary nutritional and/or toxin imbalance as a root cause. These conditions can be prevented with testing and lifestyle programs. When our programs are incorporated, our clients experience natural weight loss and a significant recovery with a chronic health condition or disease.

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Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

Our doctors have created a natural wellness program that is tailored to fit your needs. Weight loss and preventing weight gain are some of the key benefits. The best thing about this personalized program is that you get long-term weight loss results without the use of drugs or fad diets. Why “weight”? Sign up for an initial consultation at our Sarasota office today!

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Paul C.

“After a long, high-pressured professional career and lifestyle in New York, I came to Sarasota to seek a fresh start. I was inactive, overweight and anxious. I wanted to start over on all fronts – exercise, nutrition and mental health. Reveal Vitality seemed to offer a much more comprehensive and attentive program of care, and they’ve delivered.”

Carmen L

Samantha S.

“I’ve never met a more thorough doctor who actually finds SOLUTIONS to your concerns instead of handing you a prescription and sending you on your way. I will continue to be a loyal client of Dr. Davis for many years to come.”

Joe R.

“Dr. Davis is not like any other practitioner I have worked with before. He identifies the root causes for our physical and emotional health issues, and teaches us how to implement natural strategies for long term healing. He does not just cover symptoms with “bandaid” scripts.”

Did you know that there is not one ideal diet for everyone?

Reveal Vitality uses your genetic and metabolic lab results to develop a personalized nutrition and weight optimization plan for life.

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50% of patients with heart disease have no traditional markers. Are you one?


Know your cardiovascular health with Reveal Vitality advanced cardiovascular assessment and noninvasive Heart Scan Technology