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Personalized treatment plans integrating genetics, lifestyle, and biochemical assessments.


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Dr. Davis is triple board certified in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology & Internal Medicine


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Dr. Davis has decades of hands-on patient experience and has authored multiple studies on anti aging and overall health

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Dr. Davis and his team have already helped tens of thousands of patients achieve optimal health

Alternative Medicine Patient Reviews

Rebecca D
Rebecca D
17:34 16 Dec 22
I believe it’s essential for every patient to have a doctor like Dr. Davis when it comes to their wellness journey- whichever path that may be! He truly is a whole different breed in the best way possible. What he has created and is continuing to expand in his clinic is the future of medicine. His knowledge is unmatchable. He’s driven and motivated to find the root cause, not just suppress your symptoms which is key! I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff! They are always personable and very on top of things. If you’re looking for the gold standard of a doctor, staff, testing, diagnosing, an individualized treatment plan, etc. Look no further, you just found it! I feel blessed to have found a doctor that I truly trust and will continue to be a loyal client of his for many years to come!
Frank Griffith Jr.
Frank Griffith Jr.
01:34 14 Dec 22
Dr.Cris Davis was previously a top rated cardiovascular surgeon. He now brings that skill base into his current wellness practice which is especially important to me as a patient of his with cardiac disease. His practice is phenomenal and my health has improved significantly! I’ve experienced a tremendous decrease in my weight as well. He’s a genius at this and all I can say is please don’t hesitate to make an investment in yourself towards longevity!
Norman Rosenberg
Norman Rosenberg
19:57 21 Nov 22
Dr. Davis is great!He is interested in solving the root cause of my issues, not just prescribing drugs and sending me on my way.He always spends over an hour with me going over every aspect of my health.Such a contrast to my last cardiologist that never spent more than 15 minutes with me, prescribing drugs that negatively affected me, never looking for the cause of my problems, and only doing what the insurance company would pay for.
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A Revolutionary Concierge Approach to Alternative Medicine In Miami

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health by identifying and addressing the root causes of your aging concerns and working with you to promote a healthy, vibrant interior and exterior.

At Reveal Vitality, patients get a complete, in-depth assessment so we can create a comprehensive, personalized plan to let you look and feel your best, regardless of chronological age.

Our purpose is in our name, reveal your vitality with our clinically proven Alternative Medicine treatments and therapies.

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Find Out How Alternative Medicine In Miami Can Help You Best

At Reveal Vitality, we use advanced technology and testing that allow us to assess all health risk factors and create a customized plan tailored to your specific profile and needs.

Your age management plan may include:

  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
  • Hormone Alignment Therapy
  • Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Detoxification

And more!

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Learn more from Dr. Davis and his approach to Alternative Medicine in Miami.

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IV Therapy Treatment
Vitamin IV Therapy
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Comprehensive Health Assessment
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Nutrition Counseling
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Natural Weight Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

In our society, there’s an increasing demand for personalized service. While this is in part to technology that allows companies to deliver more personalized service, in the world of healthcare nothing replaces an educated and professional doctor that can provide personalized care. The world of alternative medicine is centered around the idea of personalized treatment plans that are built around an individual, their lifestyle, and their needs. In the holistic corner of alternative medicine, healing begins within

Alternative and complementary treatments are now more sought after than ever as more and more individuals experience inadequate care at conventional practices and facilities. The depersonalized “in and out” that many experience at conventional medicine facilities coupled with the “one size fits all” approach has left patients dissatisfied and wanting better. Rather than masking symptoms, patients want real care to better their health. As a result, more patients are turning to alternative medicine that delivers a more personal and natural approach to wellness that really works. The uptick in demand for alternative medicine has been evident all around the country, including in the city of Miami. Alternative medicine in Miami can help patients achieve the common goal of total wellness, without prescription drugs. 

At Reveal Vitality we offer telehealth services and in-office services allowing us to serve Miami and the greater area. We are the future of healthcare, and you are the future of the world. Together, we can achieve greatness. Here’s what you should know about alternative medicine. 


Are There Reputable Alternative Medicine Practitioners In Miami?

Thanks to the large and diverse population, Miami practitioners have plenty of competition. In order to survive and deliver the best care, they must advocate for patients in every decision and recommendation they make. While there are fewer alternative medicine practitioners compared to conventional medicine practitioners, you should still have plenty of options. Finding a doctor you connect with and have confidence in is a key part in treatment working. When you feel empowered by your doctor, you’re more likely to stick to treatment. Additionally, when you know your doctor listens, you are more likely to communicate. To properly help patients, doctors rely on communication. When searching for a reputable alternative medicine practitioner in Miami, here are five main categories of treatment to be mindful of.

  1. Mind-Body Approach: A mind-body approach to medicine highlights the interconnectedness of mental and physical health. Mind-body medicine can encompass meditation, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, and more. These modalities can be particularly useful for patients struggling with mental health disorders, during childbirth, migraines, insomnia, and as a complementary treatment to chemotherapy or other strenuous treatments and recoveries.
  2. Biological Based Practices: Biologically based therapies can encompass a broad range of naturopathy and herbal medicine techniques including herbal remedies, diet based treatment plans, and supplements. Nature’s medicine cabinet holds the power to treat many, many ailments from depression to cardiovascular disease.
  3. Broad Medical Systems: Broad, or whole, medical systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy are all considered alternative therapies that possess a comprehensive approach to ailments, pain, and diseases.
  4. Manipulative/Body Therapies: Osteopathy, Chropractics, Massage and Reflexology are just a few examples of manipulative body therapies. These can not only be beneficial for patients that struggle with chronic pain or injuries, but can also be helpful for those that battle insomnia, anxiety, lymphatic drainage issues, and more.
  5. Energy Therapy: Therapies that use energy such as Reiki and Acupuncture highlight the power of touch to influence wellness.

While there is a decent selection of alternative medicine doctors that practice in the fields above near you in Miami, it is important to research any facilities before investing your time. Reading reviews and scheduling consultations are good ways to get a feel for if a particular alternative medicine practice is a good fit for you.

Considering alternative medicine? Connect with Reveal Vitality today to receive treatment from an elite group of doctors that treats people like people. Led by Dr. Davis, a progressive practitioner, our practice recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, thus reinforcing the need for personalized treatment. We do more than just check your blood pressure and listen to your symptoms. We analyze preferences, genomics, food preferences, meal patterns, peak cognitive performance, and so forth to truly understand the needs of a patient. When we say personalized care, we mean it.


Are There Support Groups For Individuals Interested In Alternative Medicine In Miami?

Support groups are an excellent way to foster a sense of community and share knowledge among alternative medicine enthusiasts. Since Miami is such a large and neighborly city, you’re likely to find support groups that may appeal to a broad range of interests within the world of alternative medicine. These groups may all look very different, leaving something for everyone in the alternative medicine community. From general health and wellness to more specific treatment modalities such as chiropractors, herbal remedies, and guided meditations, many alternative medicine support groups are available in Miami.

Social media can be a great resource for locating alternative medicine support groups in Miami. Local alternative medicine-specific forums, websites, and bulletin boards can also be a useful resource in finding a community of like-minded individuals. These support groups can be both informative and enjoyable for those that are passionate about non-conventional medicine.


Can I Find Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners In Miami?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has gained even more recognition in Miami, globally even, in recent years thanks to an uptick in individuals seeking more holistic approaches to healthcare. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consists of centuries-old techniques and practices that have been proven effective in both healing and prevention of chronic diseases. Since Miami is well-known for its cultural diversity, you should be able to find TCM practices locally. TCM, in practice, consists of a broad range of modalities including herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapies, and more. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an excellent complementary or alternative to conventional medicine, depending on what ailments you may be experiencing.

To find TCM doctors near you in Miami, utilize social media, local directories, and seek out complementary medicine clinics. As with any alternative medicine practitioner, it is important to research their credentials and experience in the field before investing time and money into their practice. You’ll want to ensure that your TCM doctor holds certifications from recognized organizations and is well-known in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community.


Can I Find Yoga And Meditation Classes As Part Of Alternative Medicine Practices In Miami?

In large, health-conscious, and progressive cities like Miami, yoga studios and meditation centers should be in your local area. Yoga and meditation are popular components of many alternative medicine practices and both offer many mental and physical wellness benefits. Additionally, both practices highlight the importance of mindfulness and interconnectedness of mind and body, which aligns seamlessly with complementary and alternative medicine ideals.

To find yoga studios and meditation centers in Miami, keep an eye out for local gatherings, bulletins, or community group posts. Often, in beautiful cities like Miami, these types of centers host outdoor events that are open to the community and would be perfect for dipping your feet in the practices. To find a class or studio that aligns with your alternative medicine goals, ask questions about the lineage of the offered yoga or meditation styles, any certifications that an instructor holds, and the class atmospheres.


How Can I Research The Credibility Of Alternative Medicine Practitioners In Miami?

As you should when seeking medical care from within any field of medicine, researching the credibility and ethicality of a practice is crucial before seeking treatment. To learn about the credibility of alternative medicine practitioners in Miami, research their background, history and achievements in the field, any training they have completed, and certifications that they hold. Beyond researching, verify them if you feel the need. Pay attention to where certifications or degrees come from, as some institutions are accredited and some are not. Additionally, some alternative medicine doctors in Miami may be affiliated with well-known organizations such as The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health or The American Holistic Medical Association.

Another way to get a glimpse into what to expect from a practitioner is to read their reviews. Reviews can help you understand the potential good and bad of working with a certain practitioner, as well as help you gain confidence in their legitimacy. Some practices may push reviews strongly, which can help them look good online, but practices don’t need a long list of reviews to prove their ability and legitimacy. Just like the care you want to receive, look for REAL client testimonials. Real client testimonials can lend invaluable insights into what you can expect as far as potential for health improvements. Look for consistently positive feedback, but recognize that perfection does not exist. If you have a primary care physician currently, they may also be able to offer insight to reputable complementary medicine practices.

Some practices may offer seminars or events that are open to the community, and often at no charge. This is a great way to get familiar with the ideals and principles behind an alternative medicine practice. Scheduling consultations is also a great opportunity to ask questions about the credentials, training, experience, and values of an alternative medicine practice. Consultations can also provide the opportunity to meet and connect with a doctor and their staff. Trust your intuition and notice how the practice makes you feel. While you can research endlessly, you don’t want to forget the importance of a doctor that you actually want to see and open up to. Seek out alternative medicine practitioners that place a heavy focus on safety, doctor-patient collaboration, and transparency as you embark on your search for alternative medicine doctors in Miami.

If you’re in the Miami area and have searched “alternative medicine doctors near me”, you may have come across Dr. Davis at Reveal Vitality. Dr. Christopher Davis is a pioneer in the field of alternative medicine, integrating innovative treatment modalities with science backed diagnostics to map out a treatment blueprint that actually works for you.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Dr. Davis is a highly accomplished, alternative medicine doctor and triple-board certified cardiologist in Sarasota who has made a significant impact in the healthcare field. With an unwavering commitment to addressing the root cause of his patient's ailments, Dr. Davis has dedicated his career to providing top-notch medical care and achieving lasting, sustainable results for his patients.

To learn more about the alternative and complementary medicine services offered at Reveal Vitality, schedule your first visit today for an initial comprehensive health assessment. With services like Nutritional Counseling, Hormone Optimization, Natural Weight Loss, Integrative Cardiovascular Care, Vitamin IV Therapy, and more, you’re sure to Reveal your Vitality and unveil your healthiest self. Located in Sarasota and serving the Miami area, we also offer Telemedicine.

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